Connect Your Breath


Public speaking for all ages

Office presentations
Pageant speaking
Bar / Bat Mitzvah speech training
Personal vocal & monologue coaching

Actors and singers have secrets.
They just don't wing it.

They actually incorporate breath technique to propel the voice. It's learnable, it's helpful, and it can be a quick fix for even the most stage fright. Many people are afraid to speak in public because mental focus is misplaced.

You can learn to command your own physical space and free your voice to deliver your most important messages.

Your once dreaded presentations will now become new opportunities for personal success.

People of all ages have public speaking needs but this age old skill is often under celebrated.  A little attention to your vocal delivery can make any public appearance a new source for celebration.

Elana Polin has performed internationally in theater, opera, liturgical music, film and television. She is a voice graduate of the prestigious Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and a member of Actors’ Equity; Screen Actors’ Guild; and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. A true believer that theater prepares you for life — she can help you to incorporate vocal projection skills into yours.


Vocal Projection

A learnable skill.

Word Interpretation

If words matter to you then they will to your audience.

A Mirror to your Presentation

So you can effectively communicate your intended message.

One to One

Or small group sessions available.

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