Connect Your Breath




POLIN VOICE, LLC recognizes that for the foreseeable future: conferencing, lectures, performances have gone on-line to ZOOM and other video conference platforms. Expert public speaking presentation HAS BECOME CRITICAL to remaining vital in today’s pandemic workplace. Elana Polin is interested in working with “The Average Joe/Josephine” to improve one’s own public speaking personal goals.

Elana Polin is available for in-person or via zoom meetings both in the DMV and NEW YORK CITY.

Actors and singers have secrets.
They just don’t wing it.

They actually incorporate breath techniques to propel the voice. It’s learnable. It’s helpful, and it can be a quick fix for even the most stage fright. Many people are afraid to speak in public because mental focus in misplaced.

You can learn to command your own physical space and free your voice to deliver your most important messages.

Your once dreaded presentations will now become new opportunities for personal success.

Elana Polin has performed internationally in theater, opera, liturgical music, film and television. She is a voice graduate of the prestigious Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and a member of Actors’ Equity; Screen Actors’ Guild; and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. A true believer that theater prepares you for life – she can help you to incorporate vocal projection skills into yours.


On Line and Live Professional Training and Artistic Presentation

Elana Polin has worked with professionals from all walks of life, including Yeshivat Maharat in Riverdale New York, Politicians, KPMG, Sibley Hospital, and National’s Children’s Hospital in the DMV and maintains an ongoing collaboration with Montgomery County Art Stream as guest artist.  She can organize team workshops or one to ones focusing on improvised scenarios or scripted seminars. Elana Polin is available to moderate debates and facilitate group discussions. Especially now, with or without a mask, it is critical to invigorate a solo or team member business with on-line or live public speaking training.  Elana Polin can supportively critique your presentation and give you easy adjustments to bring out YOUR best performance. 

Young People and Vocal Performance

Whether your child is readying him/herself for a speech presentation or West Point interview; bar/bat mitzvah; pageant competition; or school talent show:   Elana Polin has worked with all of these scenarios and more.  In a competitive world:   Elana Polin puts your young person front and center and gives the student tangible objectives to vocally excel.

Elana Polin (AEA SAG/AFTRA) on Television and Screen

Elana Polin has most recently worked on: Three Women; Olga Dies Dreaming; Julio Torres Project; Susie Searches; Mr. Harrigan’s Phone; Hustle; Sharper; Bros; A Good Person; Billions; We Own This City; Dope Sick; The Walking Dead; and Swagger.


Polin Voice, LLC accepts all major credit cards, checks, and cash via Square and Paypal.

Contact Elana Polin for on-line and in-person training rates.